• Emily Brooks

Be your own Cheerleader

Pat yourself on the back, let out a ‘yaaasssss!’, be your own cheerleader 📣 🎉

When you work for yourself, there’s no boss to say ‘nice work’. There’s no colleague at the next desk (let’s call her Sharon) to nose her way into your business and interrupt your flow with ‘ooh that looks fancy, what you working on?’ 👀 #notnowsharon There’s no team meeting, no accumulative creative ‘synergy’, no awkward away-days where you build towers from egg cartons and fall on your ass doing a sack race (with Sharon). 😳 There’s no impromptu gathering around the hole punch to discuss the Stranger Things Season 3 finale (astounding), and no Jesper the Swedish intern with a billion bold ideas and an even-more-bold taste in 80s slacks. Whether or not you sub-contract help, outsource tasks, go to coffee shops or co-working haunts to just check you can still converse with real-life humans... whether or not you’re earning all the money or counting the pennies... running a business in the early stages can be a very lonely game. Over the last couple of years, I (the verbal-processing, extroverted people-person) have had to learn to cheer myself on, evaluate decisions, pick colours, choose between enormously repercussive strategic directions, assign budgets, choose freelancers, brainstorm ideas and constructively criticise my own work and actions... all by myself. If you’re like ‘This is so ME right now!’, then don’t leave out the celebration when you’ve done something brilliantly (if you were in that office, you know Jesper would get everyone to some hip brewery to celebrate).

Remember to stop to evaluate what you’re doing and why (that boss wouldn’t hesitate to call you in for a little chat), and to not get your knickers in a twist if you get something wrong. It’s part of the job. Don’t forget to ask a stranger or friend for immediate feedback on a visual, or to get out of the house to work next to any other freelancing, or even just living, breathing OTHER person.

Everyone needs a Sharon every now and again.

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