• Emily Brooks

Emily Brooks joins The Art File

Next Level

I’m totally thrilled to be partnering with The Art File to take the sales and distribution of my greetings cards to the next level.

Behind the scenes I have been scheming... strategising... thinking big. I approached The Art File due to their award-winning reputation in the industry, their leading global distribution network, the excellence of their product publishing and their generally brilliant, professional vibe. I was sure they’d just laugh at me, but instead they took a look at my cards and said ‘oooh’, which is pretty much the reaction I aim for in all of life. 👍We had some bants, concocted a retail plan, presented to some big retailers and flapped about with contracts... and now we are GO! The Art File are launching my range at PG Live London in June, with three brand new designs dropping just for fun. 💁🏻 If you’re a shop or a retailer, you can now order all my cards through these lovelies, and I will see you at PG Live to kick off this exciting new phase!

Why license to a company like this for wholesale?

Publishing and distributing greetings cards really well is a full time job. Partnering with licensees like The Art File means that they take over the sale, distribution and fulfilment of my cards to shops and retailers, while I am freed to keep designing and growing the brand. It also means I can partner with other companies in a similar way to create other exciting product ranges.

This is the ‘thinking big’ part.

My vision is to grow Emily Brooks into a popular, colourful and global retail and gifting brand. So stay tuned as I announce partnerships with other incredible distributors, with whom I am currently designing a wide range of stationery, filing, gifts and travel accessories, kitchen accessories and textiles... all of which you will be able to buy on my website once it all launches. 🙌🏻

As you can see it’s been pretty exciting behind the scenes over here!

Here’s to the next level!

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