• Emily Brooks

My Business Story

I created my first range of 10 greetings cards this time 2 years ago. I wanted to see if I could create a career out of my artwork. An artist? With money? Ha! It sounded far fetched... but I was determined, because I had post natal depression (the horrid, insidious thing that it is) and needed to build something creatively, as an expression of who I knew I really was, inside, under the cloud. So in 2017 I began my artistic emergence. I tried screen printing and failed. Messily. I returned to my love of pencil drawing, but couldn’t see how I’d maximise on my work in a marketable way. So I tried the digital route... and stumbled upon something magic. I could achieve my realistic style (painstakingly!), could block out areas of colour and could apply my imagery to... anything, really. So I started with cards. Growing my colourful card business has restored my love of life and confidence in myself. It’s taken me from a place of believing that life is ‘just surviving and managing’ to ‘full of fun and opportunity’, even with the challenge and grit thrown in.

My brand story is about so much more than cards, or the challenging or wonderful business moments I’ve had, like seeing my hard work sold in @libertylondon.

My brand story includes the excitement of all the gorgeous products launching in Jan 2020, but at the core, it’s about something more.

The bolder I was with colour, the bolder I became in life. Choosing to draw something playful, or beautiful, meant I chose to see the playful and beautiful in my world. Valuing my work enough to push it to be seen or believed in, meant I learnt to value myself.

Cheesy, but totally, terrifically true. So if you’re feeling down and don’t know where you’ve ‘gone’ underneath it all, just remember that it’s never too late, or too busy or too hard to take regular time to remember and retune who you are.

You’re worth it, and you never know what might happen. ⚡️

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