• Emily Brooks

Shake It Up

Sometimes staying with what feels comfortable can hinder our growth... I realised this week that with my business, I was putting off taking action on a few goals because I knew there’d be sacrifice involved... change of routine, some investment and sticking my neck out, so to speak.

I found it helpful to break down the goals I had, write down what specific sacrifice would have to happen for each one, and mentally visualise what that change would look and feel like. I asked myself ‘what am I afraid of?’ I was able to see that doing ALL of it right now just wasn’t going to work and just felt overwhelming, but starting with a couple of the goals and accepting the smaller costs that would come was do-able. And worth it. It’s the same with relationships and life in general I think... it feels uncomfortable (and just plain cringey) to bring up a tense subject with a partner, or to try wearing bright colours, or to cook/do/make/visit/face something new... but sometimes to move forward we need to shake things up a bit. 😉👍🏻⚡️

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