• Emily Brooks

Show me the money!


(I’m hoping you’ve all seen Jerry Maguire?)

Today I woke up thinking ‘grrr… it’s not enough’.

I want to reap the fruits! Harvest the GOODS! Scoop in the DOSH!

I got impatient with my sitch.

I let out one of those sighs… where I sense my husband go slightly still, glance at me, and internally assess whether he wants to risk opening this emotional can of worms, five minutes before the school run, by asking ‘you ok babe?

He didn’t have to ask, I let rip anyway.

‘I’m annoyed! I’ve been running this business for AGES (it’s not that long) and putting ALL THE MONEY back in (not strictly true)..

‘AND… where I work, there’s this guy on his laptop (let’s call him Jed) and he’s earning a BILLION pounds an hour (I cannot possibly know this, Jed may just be playing Minesweeper).. and then there’s THAT WOMAN (she’s probably called Anna or Emma or something hip and vaguely furniture-esque like Credenza) who is really cool and is doing SO well, making a killing, and has ALL. HER. S**T. TOGETHER….’

Sometimes I am just like my three year old son – fists clenched, whilst some other kid plays with a shiny red truck that lights up and vomits glitter…. and the truck in my hand is comparatively small and the only thing it can do is go along.

BUT….! Let’s take a breath!

I suddenly recall the words of my friend, Mariana, who, over a glass of Pinot at 11pm, recently spoke deep wisdom into my very soul:

‘If you are angry about money because you’re not getting enough for the work you do, then change your strategy and work out how to make more.

(Yass queen.)

BUT.. if you’re angry about money just because somebody else is earning more than you, then stop comparing yourself, just think ‘yay for them!’ and get back to doing YOU.’

Ok, i’ve elaborated slightly on what she said, but that was defo the gist.

It’s a good gist.

Today I identify with both.

So I have a new (and suddenly rather exciting) plan:

1) Let go of the comparisons – it’s silly and unhelpful. Like a tiny outfit for a bee.

2) Pat myself on the back for having built an ACTUAL friggin’ business all by myself and for making ANY MONEY AT ALL. I’m basically a genius.

3) RISE UP… Take a realistic look at the money ins and outs. Check margins. Follow up on what’s owed. Be reassured by anything coming in the pipeline, stop doing things FOR FREE (unless it’s wildly beneficial or might change the world, obvs), delegate if necessary and cut out unnecessary expenses. Eek.

4) Re-establish) revenue goals by asking these questions:

‘What am I already doing/selling that I should be charging (or charging more) for?’

‘Where can I re-focus my time and energy to gain more customers/clients/collaborators without having to spend money, for now?’

‘In five years… what will I be earning and where is that income coming from?

What is different then about the services i’m offering/the products I’m selling and what steps can I take now to start moving actively towards making that vision a reality?

These are the questions I’m asking myself today.

I’m not a money guru – that’s exactly the issue.

But I’m learning and I’m excited, because you and me, my friend, we’re going places.

And we’re worth our weight in GOLD ;-)

(Hubby can relax now, I’m chill.)

What’s helped you with your money?

Share your tips, resources, books and podcasts in the comments below, or on my corresponsding instagram post, because truth be told, we need ALL THE ADVICE WE CAN GET!

I rate the @rebelscreate podcast episode with Adam J Kurtz, @vestpod (found via the amazing Cat Sims at @hustleandfox), the ‘Profit First' book by Mike Michalowicz and I’m hoping to read Jen Sincero’s book ‘You Are A Baddass at Making Money’.


(Photo by Paula Siquiera)